Ultra-Feminine Hypnosis (Audio mp3 format)

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(Permanent Transgender Feminization)

Once we were very young we were surrounded by all the nurturing people in our life that had the expectation that we were male. And then we created this masculine false identity, this stealth mode, in order that we could meet their expectations rather than to become ostracized now that you have made the decision to transition into your authentic self; a female. You have numerous wrongly developed masculine emotional baggage and feelings you would like to bid farewell to. We spent our childhood years perfecting these false male behaviors, traits and mannerisms of which we currently must eliminate, but where do we start?

Ultra-Feminine strengthens those feelings that the male is conditioned to restrain. It enables you to accept those feelings and emotions that many of us have been trained never to exhibit. It's the perfect time to be girlish, to embrace your love, your sensuality, as well as your sexuality which you have trained yourself for many years to suppress. Embrace your feminineness now.

Do you have difficulty re-discovering your feminine side? This hypnosis program can assist you to embrace those feminine characteristics. This program will induce your unconscious mind to submit. to the program and become receptive to its re-training.

You are going to develop deep feminine emotions. Your unconscious mind will cause these inner thoughts to radiate. Develop the most feminine desires and characteristics that you can.

You will need headphones to hear the binaural effect.

Now includes a BONUS loop version FREE!

This hypnosis session is 21:00 minute long and includes an induction, suggestion and awaken. This one is designed with a delay voice effect and binaural beat.

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